Courtyard scene, untitled watercolour

This unsigned image shows a courtyard scene, surrounded by buildings.  There is a figure of a man working in the centre. The location is not known. This painting was among items discovered during renovation of Jeffs home studio, the Yellow Door, High Street, Kirkcudbright in the 1990s. In 1989, when the property was sold, his family presented a large archive to Dumfries Museum.   WEBSITE VISITOR COMMENT: Happened to see the painting on internet. Tim Jeffs gave my parents a similar painting without the foreground figure. It is of Gordon Anderson's Smiddy in Kirkcudbright, long since demolished. Gordon Anderson was a relation of my mothers by marriage. The one we have is signed and has the location written on the back. The smiddy, I understand, was beside what is now the Selkirk Hotel - thro the gate where they now unload supplies!  
Object no :
Collection :
Creator :
James G Jeffs (1904 - 1975)
Place of Production :
Dimensions :
length 383mm, width 279mm
Materials :
watercolour on paper
Location :
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Copyright :
Dumfries & Galloway Council
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