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Future Museum is a partnership between East Ayrshire Leisure Trust. East Ayrshire Council, Dumfries and Galloway Council, North Ayrshire Council, South Ayrshire Council and the independent museums of the south-west of Scotland. Funded by the Regional Development Challenge Fund, the focus of this collaboration is to provide online access to the region’s museum and gallery collections as well as delving into the fascinating history and heritage of the area.

We hope that the site also inspires you to come and visit our museums and galleries in person. More details can be found under our Partner Museum section.

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Our dedicated staff is committed to providing a welcoming and engaging environment, ensuring that each visit is both educational and memorable. Whether your students are delving into the wonders of natural history, unraveling the mysteries of science, or immersing themselves in the world of art, we strive to foster a sense of wonder and inspire a lifelong love of learning. 

We look forward to partnering with you in nurturing the next generation of curious minds.

Our knowledgeable staff is dedicated to providing enriching experiences that align with your curriculum goals and ignite curiosity. Whether your students are exploring ancient civilizations, conducting scientific experiments, or unleashing their creativity through art, we aim to inspire a sense of wonder and discovery. 

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to partner with you in creating memorable learning adventures for your students.

Our museums offer an immersive and thought-provoking experience, providing opportunities for deeper exploration and critical inquiry. Whether your focus is on history, science, art, or technology, our galleries offer a wealth of resources to enrich your curriculum and stimulate intellectual curiosity. 

From engaging workshops and interactive displays to expert-led discussions and hands-on activities, we are committed to providing dynamic learning experiences tailored to the interests and needs of your students.

Whether your focus is on research, professional development, or experiential learning, our galleries offer an unparalleled opportunity for exploration and discovery. From specialized collections and archival materials to cutting-edge exhibitions and interdisciplinary programs, we are committed to supporting the intellectual pursuits of your students and fostering a spirit of inquiry and innovation. 

Our dedicated staff is here to facilitate meaningful connections between theory and practice, empowering students to engage critically with their studies and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

“Our class enjoyed our museum trip - I visit with my classes every year as part of our history curriculum”

Stuart Henderson
Primary school teacher
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Self-led visits and guided tours

Depending on the venue and class sizes we can support either self-led visits. Depending on the venue and class sizes we can support either self-led visits. Depending on the venue and class sizes we can support either self-led visits.

Alternatively we can help arrange guided tours of museums for your class to ensure they get the most from their visit. Alternatively we can help arrange guided tours of museums for your class to ensure they get the most from their visit.


Explore from the classroom

Visit our Interactive exhibit section of the site to bring our Venues and Collections into your classroom.

Creative Burns Interactive 2


Interactive experience

Explore 5 of Burns key poems.

Ayrshire innovators interactive2

Ayrshire Innovators

Interactive experience

Test your knowledge of Ayrshire's Innovators.

Eglinton Water Colours Interactive

Eglinton Watercolours

Interactive experience

19th century Europe was a time of surging industrial progress and social reform. The seemingly unstoppable momentum of this change caused many traditionalists to look backwards towards the simplicity and tradition of the middle-ages generating a romantic Victorian fascination with all things medieval and led to the most creative artistic and architectural period of modern times. This Gothic Revival culminated in 1839 with the staging of a full-blown medieval tournament which directed the gaze of the world towards the estate of the 13th Earl of Eglinton in Ayrshire. The event was captured in all its pomp and glory by the artist James Henry Nixon. Explore his work and learn more of the event and its background through this interactive.

Southbysouthwest interactive

South by South West interactive timeline

Interactive experience

South by South West was a large scale exhibition exploring the fine art collections of south-west Scotland and artistic activity associated with the region over 250 years. The South by South West Timeline gives you the opportunity to view many of the works that appeared in the exhibition and to find their place within the story of art in the region.

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