The site is designed to help you get to the information you want as quickly as possible.

You can use the Search box in the top left of the screen - just type in a few words relating to what you want, or a name and press go. You'll be shown the nearest matches to your search - just click on the one you want and you'll be taken straight there. 

All the information on our collections is divided up into three major categories - People, Life and Work, and Arts and Crafts. You can find these on the homepage. Just click through the themes and sub-themes. If you find yourself going down the wrong route just click 'Back' on your browser toolbar.

Finally, if you are really stuck, then click on Contact Us and we'll do our best to reply by e-mail.

Check your web-browser - many allow you to change the size of the text appearing on web-sites.

If you have an enquiry about an object, person or theme then use the 'Contact Us' facility on the toolbar. Please include the 'digital number' of the object to help us identify which one you are referring to (this can be found in the information next to the object). We will pass on your enquiry to the museum that owns the object or is most relevant.

As with point 4 above, use the 'Contact Us' facility on the toolbar to  send us an e-mail. We cannot guarantee that your information will be included on the site.

We are always grateful to receive offers of donation. However each offer needs to be assessed carefully for criteria such as storage space, conservation needed, whether the museum already has an example of the object, etc. Please use the 'Contact Us' facility and include as many details as you can. We will pass on the offer to the most relevant museum. 

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