Sir William Wallace

William Wallace was born in 1270 near Paisley. In 1296 King Edward I of England deposed and imprisoned the Scottish King John de Balliol and declared himself ruler of Scotland. On 11th of September 1297, William fought against John de Warenne at Stirling. Warenne was forced to cross the River Forth on a narrow bridge which gave William an advantage which resulted in victory for the Scottish army. Warenne had to cross a narrow bridge, as a result William won the battle. William was able to capture Stirling Castle and for a moment Scotland was nearly free of occupying forces. In December 1297 William was knighted and proclaimed guardian of the kingdom. On 22nd of July 1298 at the battle of Falkirk, William lost and as a result he had to give up his guardianship. On the 5th of August 1305 William was arrested near Glasgow, he was taken to London where he was condemned as a traitor; he was hanged, disembowelled, beheaded and quartered.
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