Mary Queen of Scots

Mary Queen of Scots was born December 1542 at Linithgow Palace. She was the daughter of James V of Scotland and Mary of Guise. Mary was crowned Queen at six days old when her father died. She was sent to France to keep her safe and for her to be with her betrothed Francis. She married Francis in 1558, and the following year he became King. Unfortunately, Francis died in 1560. After the death of Francis, Mary returned to Scotland and married her cousin Earl of Darnley, but he died in 1567. Mary had given birth to their son, James in June 1566. Mary married for the third time to the Earl of Bothwell. Scotland during Mary's life faced many difficulties. There was the constant threat from England wanting to take power and the Scottish throne, initially from Mary Tudor and then Elizabeth the First. In addition, there was the issue of religion., When Elizabeth, a Protestant took the English throne she sought to convert the Scottish throne from Catholicism to Protestantism. That battle was lost when Mary was executed on 8th of February 1587 and the protestant religion was enshrined as the country's religion.
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