James Scott Skinner

  James Scott Skinner was born 5th of August 1843, in Arbeadie Village. He started to learn to play the violin and cello from his brother Alexander when he was 7 years old. He joined Dr. Mark's Little Men, a travelling orchestra. He spent 6 years in intensive training at their headquarters in Manchester. James had the opportunity to travel around the United Kingdom, and played for Queen Victoria at Buckingham palace on February 10th 1858. James continued his education with a year's dancing tuition from William Scott. He then started to teach dancing around Aberdeen, and began to win competitions. His name started to get recognized, Queen Victoria requested that he teach the royal household callisthenics and dancing at Balmoral. James became a dancing master, violinist, fiddler and composer before his death on 17th of March, 1927.
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