Decorated lead spindle whorl

This a spindle whorl. A spindle is a wooden spike with a circular weight or whorl at one end. It was used for hand-spinning wool into thread. Spindle whorls are common archaeological finds. Most date from the Iron Age and the medieval period although some may have been used as recently as the 19th century. This spindle whorl was found near Glenluce by a metal detector user. It is made of lead and is decorated on both sides with a pattern of rays and pellets. It probably dates from the Middle Ages. Metal spindle whorls are quite rare. Most of the spindle whorls found in Wigtownshire are made from stone or perforated fragments of pottery.
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Dimensions :
diameter 29mm
Materials :
cast lead
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WIWMS 2003.41
Copyright :
Dumfries & Galloway Council
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