The Munro

Motto: Dread God Plant Badge: Common Club Moss Lands: The Easter-Ross District of the Highlands, Moray. The clan seat is Foulis Castle in Ross and Cromarty.   The origins of Clan Munro have been lost to history, but it is believed that they were descendants of the original tribes of Moray. It is also believed that they were mercenary soldiers from Ireland in the 11th century, who were given lands in Ross as a reward for their help in defeating Viking raiders in the area. By the 14th Century Clan Munro had settled on the North Shore of the Cromarty Firth. The Munros have made many contributions to the military at home and abroad, fighting in the 30 Years War and supporting the Protestant Succession to the British Crown during the Jacobite Uprisings of the 18th Century. Under the leadership of the 21st Chief Robert Munro, also referred to as the Black Baron, the Munros also fought in the Swedish army under Gustavus Adolphus during the Continental Wars in the 17th Century.   The Munro tartan is red based, with yellow and green stripes. There are several tartans associated with the Munros, such as the Ancient, Modern Red / Black, and Weathered tartans. Families with the surname of Dingwall, Foulis, Fowlis, Keddie, Kiddie, Monroe, Vass, and Wass are eligible to wear the Munro tartan.  
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N. TAR 20 The Munro Front, N. TAR 20 The Munro Back
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