Horse's Chanfron

Mankind has used animals in conflicts for thousands of years and no other animal has been employed so widely and continuously as the horse.   Chanfron is a type of 'Barding' body armour for war horses which was designed to protect the horses face. By the mid-fifteenth century, metal plates and leather were the dominany materials for all elements of horse armour, and a "full bard" now comprised of a chanfron, closed neck defense crinet, chest defense peytral, panels for the sides and a rump defense crupper.   The basic design of the chanfron remained stable until it became obsolete in the seventeenth century, although late examples are often notable for engraved decoration. A chanfron extended from the horse's ears to its muzzle. Flanges often covered the eyes. In an open chanfron, the eyes received no protection. Hinged extensions to cover the jowls were commonly used for jousting tournaments.
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