Black Burnished ware , Carzield

Black burnished ware This type of pottery had a grey-black metallic sheen caused by polishing the surface with pebbles. It was made in Dorset (Black Burnished Ware 1) or south-eastern England (Black Burnished Ware 2).   Small ceramic storage jar or cooking pot. Diamond cross hatching around main body, with a simple rim, and loop handles comprising two circular holes made in the shoulder. Oval shaped flat base without a foot. The clay has a pale orange matrix with grey interior and exterior. Repairs made with a white cement, including replacing part of rim, lower body and base.   This pottery could either have come directly from the area of the Roman fort at Carzield, or from the civilian settlement which formed around it on its northern and western sides.
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height: 205 mm diameter (rim): 123 mm diameter (base): 170-180 mm width (max): 172 mm
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pottery & greyware & black burnished ware
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