Fragments of composite antler comb

Antler and bone combs are common finds on Early Medieval sites.  The teeth on these combs are often closely spaced which suggests that they were used for removing nits and other parasites.   A composite comb made out of plates of sawn and cut antler.  The central piece is the tooth plate which was enclosed by the side plates.  The three sections were held in place by iron rivets.  The side plates are decorated with an incised line design.   The patterns on the combs from Whithorn closely match those from Dublin and Waterford, and probably represent an Irish Sea zone repertoire of designs. Excavations at the site revelaed several antler-working workshops from the 10th to 12th centuries.
Object no :
Collection :
Creator :
Place of Production :
Whithorn, Wigtownshire
Dimensions :
length 110mm, width 32mm
Materials :
Location :
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Accession number :
WIWMS Whit AR71.7
Copyright :
Dumfries & Galloway Council
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