Toaster, turnover oven, roasting screen, game oven

During the early part of the Victorian period, food was cooked on a fire in an open hearth. The open fire was central to cooking throughout the nineteenth century, and it prevailed in many rural homes well into the twentieth century.   This triangular roaster would also have been known as a toaster, turnover oven, roasting screen, or a game oven. The back screen could be rotated from one side to the other, and had five holes for hooks (only one hook remains).   Small pieces of meat were suspended from the hooks situated within the curved reflecting hood and the whole oven would sit on a trivet in front of the fire. It was also possible to bake small cakes in the shallow drip-tray
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height 295mm, width 420mm, depth 280mm
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Dumfries & Galloway Council
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