Star vacuum cleaner

The Star vacuum cleaner was made by the Star Engineering Co Ltd of Wolverhampton and was invented and patented in 1910. The concertina-like drum was pulled up and down, so that dust and dirt was sucked in through the cleaning head. Unfortunately, it did not stay in the drum as it tended to be blown back out again.   Its advertising claimed, 'Complete weight only about 6lbs. Cannot get out of order. Takes very little room, and stands in any corner. Cleans carpets, stairs, furniture, mattresses etc. Light and easily moved. The dust box can be taken out, emptied and replaced in a few seconds.'    Star Engineering Co Ltd made bicycles and were early pioneers in the motor industry. They also made electric fires, incandescent goods and wheels for horse drawn vehicles. The Star vacuum cleaner was given the patent number 18899 and initially sold for 54 shillings or £2. 70p. It was produced until 1938.
Object no :
DMDM091a, DMDM091b
Collection :
Creator :
Star Engineering Company Limited
Place of Production :
Wolverhampton, UK
Dimensions :
overall length 1250mm, width (mouthpiece) 200mm, diameter (barrel) 500mm
Materials :
metal, canvas (bellows), wood (ferrule on handle)
Location :
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Copyright :
Dumfries & Galloway Council
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