Aladdin table lamp

Early lighting fuels included beeswax and olive, fish, whale, sesame and nut oils, but in 1859 drilling for petroleum oil began and paraffin lamps grew popular.    This large paraffin table lamp was manufactured by Aladdin Industries Limited in London, and the design incorporates a central draught mechanism, with an adjustable wick maintained by the control on the side.  There is also an incandescent mantle and a tall narrow glass chimney.   These chimneys were designed specifically to work with Aladdin lamps. The chimney had two primary functions: to form an undisturbed vertical pathway to draw heated air out, pulling fresh air to the burner; and to keep breezes from affecting the flame.
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Creator :
Aladdin Industries Limited
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Dimensions :
(base) height 270mm, diameter (foot) 155mm; (chimney) height 316mm, diameter (foot) 68mm
Materials :
nickel plate, cotton (wick)
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Dumfries & Galloway Council
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