Clan Macdonald

Motto: Per Mare Per terras (By sea and land) Plant Badge: Heather Lands: The Western Isles / Highlands / Island. Armdale Castle on the Isle of Skye is the location of the Donald Centre and Museum of the Isles.   Clan Macdonald, also known as Clan Donald, is a clan with a long and fierce history. Their first chief, named Somerled, was born in 1113, and was a skilled warrior, driving the Vikings out of their position of power in the west. It is rumoured that Somerled invented the rudder, and this invention helped Somerled and his followers defeat the Viking raiders at sea. The motto of Per Mare Per Terras (By sea and land), is fitting for the Macdonalds, as they were formidable warriors at sea and on land, fighting with Robert the Bruce at Bannockburn, as well as fighting in the Battles of Harlaw and Bloody Bay.   There are more than forty tartans associated with Clan Macdonald. The tartan seen on this postcard is an example of the Modern Macdonald tartan. The red, blue, and green colours have been used by this clan for many years, and are called "old colours." Over one hundred clans wear Macdonald tartan, making it one of the most well- known of the Scottish tartans.  
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N. TAR 4 Clan Macdonald Front, N. TAR 4 Clan Macdonald Back
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