Clan Gordon

Motto: Animo non Astutia (By courage not deceit). Their modern day motto is Bydand. This is a contraction of the Scottish expression Bide and Fecht, or "stay and fight." Plant Badge: Ivy Lands: Moray, the clan seat was Huntly Castle until the late 17th Century.   The Gordon clan, also known as the House of Gordon, is originally from Normandy, and settled in the Village of Gordan near Kelso in the early 12th Century. Clan Gordon supported Robert the Bruce during the Scottish Wars of Independence, fighting at the Battle of Haldon Hill in 1333. During the Middle Ages Clan Gordon was one of the most powerful clans in middle Scotland. Evidence of Clan Gordon's wealth and power can be seen today in the form of a plasterwork of the family crest on the ceiling in the great hall of Muchalls Castle in Kincardine and Mearns, Aberdeenshire. The Gordons even owned Balmoral Castle for almost two hundred years, when it was sold to Alexander Gordon, 3rd Earl of Huntly in the 15th Century.   There are several tartans associated with the Gordon family, including Modern Dress, Ancient, Weathered, Muted, and Red. However, only members of the Adam and Huntly families are permitted to wear the Gordon tartan. The Modern tartan was used by the Gordon Highlanders, and is sometimes referred to as Military tartan. The tartan on this postcard is an example of Clan Gordon's Modern tartan, as distinguished by the yellow stripe.
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N. TAR 7 Clan Gordon Front, N. TAR 7 Clan Gordon Back
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