Rapier with knight's head pommel

This unusual and ornate 16th century rapier is part of a set of armour and weaponry worn by the bodyguard of the Elector of Saxony.  The Elector of Saxony were among some of the only European princes of the period to have outiftted their bodyguards with matching equipment. The grip is bound in silver wire and twisted copper ribbon, while the pommel is of blackened steel chiseled in the form of a bearded man with a plumed helmet.  This head motif is repeated in the quillion and guard ends.  The anneau (the ring extending from the crossbar) is decorated with floral silver applique patterns and is chiseled with the figure of a horseman.  The blade carries a monogram "The Running Wolf" inlaid in brass.
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Dimensions :
blade 935mm, hilt 204mm
Materials :
steel, silver applique, silver wire, copper ribbon, brass inlay
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East Ayrshire Council
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