Cup hilt rapier, likely of Spanish origin

Composite cup hilt rapier, probably of Spanish origin, the blade of which has likely be remounted with a new hilt at a later date. The guards and pommels of swords of this kind were too plain and simple for Victorian tastes. In a number of cases, of which this is one, a more spectacular guard and pommel were made to match the bowl in the 19th century.   The steel bowl of this cup hilt rapier is finely chiselled and pierced with designs depicting hunting scenes within laurel wreaths. The design is carried over to its barrel-shaped pommel and quillons.    The straight, double-edged blade is inscribed with its maker 'Sebastian Hernandez', in the fuller.  Three swordsmith's called Sebastian Hernandez are recorded working at Toledo, Spain, the earliest in the late 16th century.
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