7th (Princess Royal's) Dragoon Guards Helmet

At the front of the helmet is a magnificent helmet plate with a Queen's crown at top, her VR cypher at center. The 8-point star burst behind the oval disc bearing Victoria's cypher is silver. In a bandeau encircling the cypher, P.C.W. (Princess Charlotte of Wales) Dragoon Guards.  The original linked chinstrap is attached to the elaborate rosettes on each side. The underside of the two visors retain their red Moroccan leather covering, and the original wide leather liner band is present as well.   The socket at the top held a black plume that could be removed for field days and campaign. In 1855 the regulations changed so that the plume was black and white, but the white was often well covered by the black horsehair. There is a rose-shaped device at the top of the plume.   Dragoon guards and dragoons were differentiated by the colour of the metal used. The former had gilt metal helmets and the latter had silver metal. The only silver pieces on the dragoon guard helmets were the hobnail 12-pointed star and the royal cypher in the middle. Around the cypher was the gilt garter inscribed THE PRINCESS ROYAL'S DRAGOON GUARDS.
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