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Dean Castle Arms and Armour


Janbiya with green sheath


This curved dagger is a janbiya of Ottoman or Persian origin. A janbiya - also known as a khanjar in Oman - is a customary accessory worn by Arab men.  Janbiya is the term used in Arabic for this specific kind of curved blade, deriving from the Arabic root for an item worn on the right side. They are typically recieved by older boys around the age of 14 to mark the transition between childhood and manhood. 


Jambiya's hold high symbolic meaning, and it is very rare that they ever come out of their sheath, doing so in only extreme situations or in ceremonial instances. 


This janbiya features a balustrade-shaped hilt and comes with a green velvet sheath.

Dean Castle
Digital Number:
RI_DC_0000046; RI_DC_0000047
East Ayrshire Council

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