Spedlins Castle, from The Antiquities of Dumfries and its Neighbourhood Collected and Drawn by John McCormick

Spedlins Castle (Spedlins Tower) had been a seat of the Jardines of Applegarth, since the late 12th century.  The original stronghold, a 15th century keep, served as the principal residence of the Jardines until around 1814, when they moved across the River Annan to their newly built mansion, Jardine Hall.  The Tower fell into disrepair and was in a ruinous state until the 1960s when it was restored and re-occupied.  When Jardine Hall was vacated sometime in the 20th century, it fell into a state of disrepair and was demolished in 1964.   This page of the sketchbook shows Spedlins Castle.  These sketches of various buildings in and around Dumfries were mainly compiled through McCormick's own study of the area and by speaking to those who remembered the buildings, as the majority of them were no longer in existence or in a ruinous state by McCormick's time.  The drawings are all in pencil with extensive written notes.   Inscription:   "Speddling Castle, no date but very old The Antient Den of the Jardines of Applegarth Now Dismantled the Defences of the Stuartry of Annandale were 1 Bonshaw, 2 Blackwood Tower, 3 Hoddam Castle, 4 Woodcookair, 5 Castle Milk, 6 Tooret, 7 Speddling, 8 Lockwood, 9 Bruce Tower - all Dependen on Lochmaben as a Centure."
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John McCormick
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Dimensions :
length 33mm, width 40.5mm
Materials :
pencil, paper
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