Flint microlith, Mark Farm, Castle Kennedy

Mark Farm, Castle Kennedy
A small flint microlith with curving retouch along one edge.  Microliths date from the Mesolithic period but are sometimes found among later flint scatters.  This suggests that some sites were used over long periods of time.   Hundreds of flint tools were found in ploughed fields at Mark in the 1930s.  They mark the site of a fairly large Neolithic settlement.  Many of these flints were collected by local farm workers and given to the local minister, R. G. Anderson.
Object no :
SMAH 031
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Dimensions :
Length: 20mm
Materials :
Location :
Mark Farm, Castle Kennedy
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Accession number :
WIWMS 2007.04.11
Copyright :
Dumfries & Galloway Council
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