Bonhomme Richard

This is a specially commissioned scale model of the 'Bonhomme Richard' sponsored by the family of the late Admiral Sir Nigel Henderson and Dumfries and Galloway European Partnership.   Built originally in 1765 as the East Indiaman the 'Duc de Duras', extensive modifications were carried out to John Paul Jones's specifications at the Royal Dockyard at L’Orient in 1779.  These included piercing the hull for additional guns, reinforcing the gundeck timbers to carry the 28 18-pounders, lengthening the poopdeck to provide additional officers’ accommodation and various other alterations, the vessel being renamed the 'Bonhomme Richard'.   The model is built to a scale of 3/16" = 1ft and is constructed throughout of boxwood and ebony and is fully rigged with all the standing and running rigging.   At 10.30am on Saturday, September 25th 1779 after the epic sea battle with H.M.S. Serapis off Flamborough Head Paul Jones sadly watched from the Serapis’ quarterdeck as Bonhomme Richard sank slowly beneath the windswept sea, her colours still flying from her mainmast.
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Martin R Harrop
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Eyemouth, Berwickshire
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