John Livingstone's Diary. The Diary of a Covenanting Minister, 1626 - 1667

This handwritten diary has as its earliest inscription ‘From the library of John Macky 16th April 1720’ and this is followed by an inscription by Thomas Younger as owner in 1736. Its history after that is obscure but it passed to the Wigtown County Library in 1931 from Mr James Muir of Newton Stewart, and then to the Museum Service which separated from the library at Local Government reorganisation in 1975. The opening eight pages of this text are missing, but other manuscript copies of the diary exist, for example in the Advocates Library, Edinburgh. These were examined and a collated text by Rev W K Tweedie was published by the Woodrow Society in 1845. The Society has also published correspondence and sermon texts by Livingstone.
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