Kilmarnock Academy

This postcard was sent on the 19th of October 1906 by a pupil of Kilmarnock Academy, Elsie, to her friend Gerty, in Romford.  Postcards were a far more common method of communication then than now, with people from Glasgow, for instance, sending postcards home to show that they had arrived safely in far off and exotic destinations such as Kilmarnock or Ayr!  As a result there was a booming industry in postcards as this one demonstrates, sold in Kilmarnock but printed in Dresden by a London based company.   In the late 19th and early twentieth centuries, it was rare for people to own cameras and so stationers up and down the country sold postcards of everything from local landmarks, small villages, industrial towns and even local characters!
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Stengel & Co., London
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Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire
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East Ayrshire Council

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