Tragic Sacrifice of Christ

This is one of  5 granite sculptures collectively called the Tragic Sacrifice of Christ.  They portray the pain and compassion felt at Calvary.   Pictured here is the fifth, the Golgotha Madonna. Carved in deep relief this sculpture portrays the anguish of the Madonna at the Cross. A metal bolt embedded at one side of the stone is symbolic of her pain.    The other 4 sculptures are The Deposition of Christ, which shows the scene at Calvary when Christ was lowered down from the Cross, Edessa Messiah, which depicts the Turin Shroud that is said to have been found at Edessa, Pieta, which represents the body and limbs of the fallen Christ and The Yoke which expresses Christ's resignation of His fate and on the other side of the stone his naked back represents the flagellation on the way to the Cross.   Each sculpture was carved using hand tools. The granite blocks for four of the sculptures once formed part of the Old Harbour wall in Ayr. The sculptures were unveiled in the grounds of Rozelle Park in 1979 by the late George Younger then Secretary of State for Scotland.    
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Ronald Rae (b.1946)
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