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Mary Queen of Scots

Remission to Scottish nobles who took part in the Battle of Langside

16th Century

Remission under the great seal to Robert, Lord Boyd, Thomas Master of Boyd, and others for their participation in the battle of Langside.  Although this document is forgiving these nobles for their part in the Battle, due to their support on the field, Mary Queen of Scots awarded the Boyds their lands and titles back which had been confiscated by the crown a century earlier for treason.


English translation:


James, by the grace of God King of Scots, to all his honest men to whom the present letters shall come, [sends] greeting. Be it known that by our special grace with the advice, consent and authority of our dearest kinsman, John, Earl of Mar, Lord Erskin etc… by us and by our kingdom and ruling lieges we have remitted to our kinsman, Robert Lord Boyd, Thomas Master of Boyd and Robert Boyd of Baddinhaith his sons, Adam Boyd of Pinkill, Master James Boyd of Trochrig his son, Robert Boyd of Portincross, Archiblad Boyd his son and hair apparent, Thomas Boyd of Petcon, Robert Boyd his brother, John Boyd of Boyneschaw, JamesBoyd of Hullirhill, Alexander Boyd in Craig, Robert Boydhis son, Thomas Boyd of Kippis, James Boyd his son, John Boyd in lie kirktoun of Kilmarnok, George Boyd his son, Robert Boyd in Kilbryde, William Boyd and John Boyd merchants in Kilmarnok, John Boyd burgess of the city of Glasgow, Robert Boyd in Cuikistoun, John Boyd in Quhitlyburne, William Boyd in Noddisdal, John Boyd in Gowanlie, Robert Boyd in Wardlaw, Robert Boyd in Lyne, Robert his son, William Boyd in Laswaid, Quintino Boyd his brother, Alexander Boyd servant to our said Kinsman Lord Boyd, Hugh Crawfurde of Kirkwod, Archibald Boyill in Rysholme, Walter Crawfurde in Gairbraid, John Crawfurde in Quhitlieburne, John Lindesay in Greneleyis, Patrick Colquhoun brother of John Colquhoun of Kilmardony, John Crawfurde in Wolstoun, Thomas Ross in Bordland, John Lokkart in Unthank, James Auchsloss of the same, Hugh Wallace of Meynefurde, Patrick Hamiltoun of Bogsyde, Archibald Kelso in Hingdok, Archibald Kelso in Newsyde, John Blair in yndyedge, William Blair his son, John Blair in Quhytercraig, William Blair his son, William Blair in Langsyde, James Crawfurde in Myddiltoun, John Montgomerie in Flat, Mathew Montgomerie his brother, John Montgomerie son of John Monthgomerie in Flat, Andree Wod in Largis, Archibald Kelso of Kelsoland, Alexander Hammiltoun his servant, George Ross of Hanyng, John Fergushill of the same, Andree Schaw of Sornebeg, John Schaw, Robert Schaw and Schas sons of the said Lord of Sornebeg, John Kneland of Foscane, Oswald Kneland, Gavin Kneland and George Kneland his brothers, Hugh Crawfurde of Kilbirny, William Crawfurde and Patrick Crawfurde his sons, David Barclay of Ladieland, John Barclay his brother, Patrick Crawfurde of Cartisburne, David Crawfurde his son, Robert Crawfurde son of John Crawfurde of Kirkwood, Cuthbert Crawfurde of Auchincloyth, David Barclay in Kamehill, Hugh Dillop in Crawfeili, William Crawfurde in Munnok, John Crawfurde son of John Crawfurde of Clowbarhill, John Grenehill and Alan Dillop servants of the said Hugh Crawfurde of Kilbirny, WilliamSchaw in Munnok and to every single man, tennant and servant of the said persons, the rancor of our mind which we conceived, the law suit and every action which we have had, have or could have at any time against these very men, or anyone of them, for their treachery against us at the field or battle of Langsyde and for the deposition of our regal power's authority by them in their resistence against the same and others by force of arms, for their not being obedient and in servitude to us as good men were subjected in time past from our coronation, and for every action and crime which could be attributed to them, or any one of them, or ensue moreover from them from that time in any way, nay, for all other actions, crimes, treasons, sins and offences whatsoever committed by them in time past from our aforesaid coronation with the exception made by us and by our kingdom and liegis of those ruling of the slanderings of the good name of our dearest father and at one time of James, Earl of Moray, and Lathew, Earl of Lennox, our dearest grand-father, and of arson, murder, manslaughter, rape of women, theft, the receipt of theft, witchcraft, omitting completely from the said exception manslaughter and other crimes in the common cause of resistence of our authority committed by or moreover dependent upon those persons whom we wish to be always understood as under our present remission. Provided they likewise satisfy the plaintiffs and others who have suffered damages so that we hear no other just complaint concerning this matter, we, justly taking the above-mentioned persons under our firm peace and protection, strictly forbid anyone from presuming unjustly to inflict any evil, trouble, injury or harm upon them by reason of the above-mentioned existing treason and deposition and of all other aforesaid actions, crimes, treacheries, sims and offences under pain of full forfeiture, or, if anyone causes their death, under pain of loss of life and limbs. In witness of this matter we have made patent for ourselves under our great seal these our letters of remission to last for the whole duration of the life of the aforesaid persons. At Stirling on the eighth day of the month of September in the year of our Lord one thousand five hundred and seventy-one, and in the fifth year of our reign.

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Paper & ink
Dean Castle
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Creation Date:
8th September1571
East Ayrshire Council