Declaration from James VI confirming the Earl of Erroll as Constable of Scotland

This declaration grants the Earl of Erroll powers to appoint deputies and officials to administer justice throughout the realm. It also states that those unwilling to support him in his duties would themselves be subject to punishment by law and would forfeit both their rights and titles.   James VI was the son of Mary Queen of Scots & Lord Darnley. The Boyd family inherited the title of Earl of Erroll through Lady Anne Livingstone, wife of William Boyd, 4th Earl of Kilmarnock. This declaration is from the Boyd Family Album - a portfolio of documents, images and other manuscripts collected by the Boyd Family after they inherited the title Earl of Erroll.   Transcription: James be the grace of god King of Scottis To our provest and baillies of [our] burgh of Edinburgh now present and being for the tyme in all tymes cuming we greit you weill Forsamekill as for punischement of tras[p]assouris invaideris and schedderis of utheris blude within foure myllis to our presens It hes pertenit and pertenis to our constabill and his deput[t]is to mak inquisitioun of all sic personis quhatsumevir apprehendit culpabill or being convict to caus be put in waird thairintill to remane ay and quhill thay mak satisfactioun for thair trespass conforme to the lawis and constitutionis maid and useit thairanent of befoir For executioun of the quhilk it being necessyr an[d e]xpedient that all our tolbuithis preasones and wairding placeis within our burrowis and utheris pa[r]tis our realme quhair ir sallappin [__________] for the tyme be maid patent and reddie to our said constabill his deputtis and offitia[r]is at all tymes pertening to be adjudgeit be the jurisdictioun of the said office As alsua requisite that all magistratis of our burrowis with diligence gif thair fortificatioun and assistance thairto Thairupoun we directit our utheris lettres under our signet and hand wri[ti]s of us and our counsale to you and your utheris magistrattis of all and sindrie our saidis burrowis Chargeing and commanding that not allanerlie suld all tolbuithis and wairding houssis be patent Bot as that ye and thay suld diligently concur to the effect foirsaid Like as hes bene done in all tymes bygane to our constabillis thair deputtis and offitiaris as was cleirlie understand and sene be us and our secreit counsale be sindrie ordinanceis and lettres direct thairupoun be our maist nobill pr[o]genitouris of gude memorie Notwithstanding it hes bene divers tymes meaint unto us and last now laitlie that ye and y[our] jevelouris not onelie [ar slaw] and reddie to mak your tolbuith and preason oppin and reddie to our said constabill his deputtis and offitiaris and to concur and assist thame in executioun of the said office Bot as oftymes ye and your clerkis Imy [     ] your selffis to be assysouris and ta[k] administratioun and rewleing of our said constabill courttis as ye pleis maist wrangusli[e] and violentlie usurpand the said honorabill office upoun you quhairof ye haif na maner of rycht nor tytill Like as we haif sene be and transsumpt of your predicessouris obligatioun quha[ir]by ye war faithfullie oblist to umquhile our rycht traist cousing Wi[lliame] erle of errole [lord] hay consta[bill] of our realme with all thair power to advance him and his deputtis in executioun of [the] said office and at na tyme to cum to the courttis therof unrequireit or to hald ony courtis your self or to attempt ony uther thing that may dirogat or diminishe the facultie or privilege of the said constabill courttis and specialie that our saidis provest and ba[il]ies for the tyme nor thair successouris suld sit nor knaw upoun ony actioun of blude or trubulance committit be ony maner of p[er]soun within our said burgh of edinburgh Oure predicessouris or thair successouris being in the samyn or within foure myillis thairto [a] mair amplie is contenit in the said obligatioun and antentit transsumpt thairof In contravenying quhairof we man esteme you to do wrang and except ye abstene thairfra in tyme cuming and suffer our said constabill and his deputtis frielie to exerse and use the s[aid] office be thame selffis and thair offitiaris and onnawayis to interpone you in ony thing concerning the samyn bot quhan yo[ur] assistance is craveit we will se sum gude ordour tane for oppressing of your contempt quhairunto we wer laith ye suld mak [u]s forder occasioun Oure Will Is heirfoir and with advise of the lordis of our secreit counsale we charge straitlie and commandis you and your successouris with all your clerkis present and being for the tyme That ye nor nane of you pretend to enter [in our] said constabill courttis athir as [jud]geis assyisouris or ony rewlaris thairin bot onelie to gif your assistance quhan ye ar [re]quireit be thame And that ye [anie] tyme under our mak impediment to our said constabill and his deputtis frielie and full[ie] to use and exerce the said office [be your] selffis at all o[c]casionis according to his accustumat liberteis and previlegeis of t[he] samyn grantit be us and our maist nobill predicessouris thairupoun and as hes bene friequentit and useit be our constabillis and thair deputtis in tymes bygane As ye and ilkane of you will declair your obedience dew to us and under all hiest pane charge and offence quhilkis ye may incur and [in]rin aganis our majestie in that behalf Persuading your selffis we will not omit the punischement of your inobedience incais ye or ony of you attempt to do ony thing in the contrait thir our lettres and charge forsaid and that in respect of the privelege and heid of the said office and that we haif sene quhair your predicessouris oblist thame and thair successouris to the same effect of befoir Ordaining our offitiaris of armes to pas to our                         of our said burgh of edinburgh and thair be oppin proclamatioun mak publicatioun of thir our lettres and charge abovewritten to all and sindrie our liegeis Commanding and chargeing thame to reddelie ansyr intend and [o]bey to our said contabill and his deputtis in all and sindrie thingis concerning thair said office in tymes cuming under the panes foirsaidis as ye will ansyr to us thairupoun delivering thir our lettres be you sene and considderit [      ]ane to the beirar Gevin under our signet and subscriveit with our hand Att halyru[idh]ous the aucht day of december And of our regnne the 20 fyft yeir 1591                                         James R.   Seal of James VI  
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