Cinerary Urn, Applegarth

This collared cinerary urns has been re-assembled, from several fragments and has a flat narrow base. This example has been decorated with a pattern of incised lines creating a diamond pattern near the rim. Below this are four horizontal rows of indentations.   Unlike neolithic people who usually buried their dead communally in chambered tombs, Bronze Age people preferred to bury their dead singly. During the early part of the period people were usually buried in a crouched position in stone cists, but later cremation was preferred with the remains interred in urns like these. They created cemeteries by burying several urns at one site, sometimes marking it with a cairn or mound of earth and stones. The urns were often buried upside down. They were decorated with twisted cord or string impressions and incised and impressed oval, circular and diamond shapes.
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height: 320 mm diameter (base): 100 mm diameter (rim): 270 mm
Materials :
clay & red clay
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