Kilmarnock Town Bell

This bell was given to the town by the 3rd Earl of Kilmarnock, William Boyd's father. It hung in the 18th century Town House.   The bell bears the coat of arms of the Burgh of Kilmarnock and is encircled with the inscription:   'This bell was gifted by the Earl of Kilmarnock to the toun of Kilmarnock  for ther Council House  RM FECIT EDr 1711'    The latin inscription 'RM FECIT EDr 1711' indicates that someone with the initials RM manufactured the bell in Edinburgh in the year 1711.   When the Town House was demolished in the 19th century, the bell was transfered to the Town Hall. In the early 1970s this was demolished as part of the major re-development of the town centre. The bell was salvaged and removed to the Dick Institute.    
Object no :
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Dimensions :
diameter 555mm
Materials :
cast bronze
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Copyright :
East Ayrshire Council

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