13th century seal matrix of Dumfries

Bronze seal matrix of Dumfries from the 1200s. A seal matrix was used to stamp a distinguishing mark onto molten wax as a means of representing identity, authority and status.  All the Town Council documents would be stamped with the official seal.  This is the earliest representation in existence of St Micheal as the town's patron saint.   The seal matrix disappeared sometime in the 19th century, but was discovered again amongst the belongings of Dr Thomas McKie, Moat House, Academy Street, after he died in 1908.  His father had been Provost between 1827 and 1829 and the family were very generous to the town.  Unfortunately the seal matrix was lost again sometime during the 1930s. Mr A E Truckell, the burgh archivist and museum curator, rediscovered it amongst a pile of papers in the strongroom of the town council's offices in Buccleuch Street in the 1970s.
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Dimensions :
diameter 69mm
Materials :
metal, bronze
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