Granite sett or cobble stone

A sett or cobble stone from Craignair Quarry, Dalbeattie.  These were used for paving roads.   Granite was quarried at Dalbeatie and Creetown.  In Victorian times the granite from these quarries was of such a high quality that it was in demand both for buildings and monuments.  It was used to build the Embankment of the River Thames in central London.  The quarry at Craignair, near Dalbeattie, was opened by the Trustees of Liverpool Dock in the 1820s in order to build their harbour.  Granite was used for kerbstones and setts or cobble stones throughout Britain.  These granite setts were exported widely - as far afield as Argentina and Russia.
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Creator :
Place of Production :
Craignair Quarry, Dalbeattie, Urr, Kirkcudbright
Dimensions :
height 115mm, width 110mm, depth 100mm
Materials :
igneous rock, granite
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