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Since they were founded in 1857, the Hurlford Fire Clay Works, near Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, consistently merited their reputation for products of uniform excellence and reliability. They were manufacturers of a range of items including: Bricks (enamelled and composite), enamelled sanitary fire clay ware (inks, lavatories, baths, urinals etc.), fire clay drainage materials, agricultural fire clay feeding dishes and troughs, chimney cans, vent linings, and garden ornaments.

The drainage material was salt glazed outside and coated on the inside with a smooth impermeable lining of glass enamel which made the internal surfaces self-cleansing as well as proof against disintegration and leakage. Hurlford mangers, feeding and drinking troughs for horses, pigs, poultry, etc were made from hard, well-burned fireclay with a hard coating of glass enamel which allowed them to be easily cleaned and could survive the hardest frosts without cracking.

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