Kilmarnock FC Through the Years

Kilmarnock FC dates back to the earliest days of organised football. The club formed in 1869 and turned professional in 1894, making it the oldest professional football club in Scotland. The roots of the club's formation can be traced to when young cricketers who played on Barbados Green (now the Howard Park) decided to turn to football to occupy their time during the colder months. In their first ground near South Hamilton St in the town, the team initially played an older mixed form of rugby-football that was quite unsimilar to modern football and more like rugby, and from this came the name of their official grounds - Rugby Park, which opened in 1899.

 Following the formation of Scotland's first football clubs, the game grew in popularity but there were no formal rules for the clubs to adhere. Therefore, along with seven other Scottish clubs - Clydesdale, Dumbreck, Eastern, Granville, Third Lanark, Queen's Park, and Vale of Leven - Kilmarnock helped to form the Scottish Football Association in 1873. This brought conformity into the haphazard and irregular way that clubs had been playing, and a competitive league and Scottish Cup commenced.


The year 1873 also saw Killie adopt blue as their official colour, with shirts that bore a crest that was adopted from the Boyd clan that has historic ties to the town. The colours changed to black and white stripes between 1887 and 1890, but since, the club has predominantly played in the blue and white stripes we see today. However, for their 150th anniversary in 2019, the club played one season in plain dark blue.


The club has won 3 honours in the Scottish FA Cup in 1920, 1929, and in 1997. Their most recent title win was the 2012 Scottish League Cup.

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