Sword (wakizashi) with tsuba and sheath

  As one of the Three Sacred Treasures of Japan, the sword represents valour, and a samurai's sword was seen as representing his soul.  In Japan, the sword had a position of power and respect as it was used to protect people and their honour.   The signature on the hilt of this wakizashi reads Inoue Izumi (no) kami Kunisada.  Inoue Izumi (1630-1682), also known as Inoue Shinkai, was one of the top sword makers in late 17th century Osaka.  In 1661 he was given the honour of using the chrysanthemum, the imperial crest, alongside his signature.  There is no chrysanthemum or date inscription on the hilt, which suggests that the signature here may be a forgery.   The tsuba features an abstract butterfly or insect.
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