Smoking Cap Mysreth

The smoking cap is mixture of a pill box hat and a Turkish fez, decorated with Turkish and Russian braids and silks.  Tradition claims that they were adopted by British military officers to stop their hair smelling of smoke whilst they drank brandy and smoked Turkish cigars in the mess during the Crimean war.   It is probable that the officers brought Turkish cigarettes and cigars home along with the smoking caps when the war ended in 1856.   Whilst husbands and sweethearts were away fighting, the women passed some of their lonely hours stitching and embroidering these caps.  Crocheted caps were also very acceptable. When the Crimean war ended smoking caps became fashionable after dinner wear for the wealthy.  When the ladies withdrew, the men retired to the smoking room to drink brandy and smoke cigars whilst discussing the affairs of the day.
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