Parliament Knowe

The Parliament Knowe camp at Newton Stewart. Parliament Knowe and the Traveller camp at Creetown were visited by McCormick on a regular basis. “And how’re you, Geordie?” “I’m weel,” said he, “an’ I was juist telling my mither before I left Parliament Knowe that it was in this shan wee gav (bad wee town) that the young man who was interested in travellers leeved. Dae ye ken what she said, young man?” “No,” said I. “Weel, she said that he maun be a rauge gadgi (daft man) that wad ha’e ocht to do wi’ tinklers”.
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Newton Stewart area
Dimensions :
31/4" x 31/4" (82mm x 82mm)
Materials :
glass lantern slides
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The Artist's Family
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