Mrs 'C' and her daughters

Mrs ‘C’ the English Gypsy and her daughters. I thought it would be interesting to contrast the appearance of Romanies with those of tinkler-gypsies, and I again – this time with camera in hand – visited the Chuministos’ living wagon. Raising my hat, I enquired at Mrs C if they were in the habit of distributing photos of themselves. “No sir,” she replied, “and we resent any attempts to snapshot us.” I then thought I must take other means if I wished to secure a photo, and it occurred to me that the best thing I could do was to tell her I wished, by photographs, as illustrations, to show the unmistakable difference between tinkler-gypsies and Romanies. The idea was a happy one, and appealed to her.
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Newton Stewart area
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31/4" 31/4" (82mm x 82mm)
Materials :
glass lantern slides
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The Artist's Family
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