Marshalls: hardy upbringing

McCormick called this image ‘Marshalls: hardy upbringing.’ It was probably taken at Silver Hill, Blackcraig. The covered top has been removed from the wagon to provide shelter. Blankets and oil-cloth are spread over a layer of rushes but there is nothing else to protect the family from the damp ground. There are few personal possessions. This, of all McCormick’s photographs, comes closest to capturing the harsh reality of life for Galloway’s Travellers. Geordie said, “We’ll soon be driven off the road.” “Deed aye, faith,” echoed his wife. “Na,” objected Leezie Marshall, who was nursing a baby, “They’re no fit to do that, but they micht make us, in the interest o’ oor bairns, hae oor beds twa feet aff the grun’.” “Deed aye,” agreed Mrs MacMillan, “There’s mony a yin meets his death wi’ sleepin’ on wat strae.”
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Newton Stewart area
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31/4" x 31/4" (82mm x 82mm)
Materials :
glass lantern slides
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The Artist's Family
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