Hills Tower, from The Antiquities of Dumfries and its Neighbourhood Collected and Drawn by John McCormick

Hills Tower, near Lochfoot was the 16th century stronghold of the Maxwell family.   These sketches of various buildings in and around Dumfries were mainly compiled through McCormick's own study of the area and by speaking to those who remembered the buildings, as the majority of them were no longer in existence or in a ruinous state by McCormick's time.  The drawings are all in pencil with extensive written notes.   Inscription:   "Hills Tower, the Date worn out, this is the only Specimen of the Galwegain Defences in the Book.  The following Towers Betwixt the Nith and the Urr Belongen to Lord Herries are 1 Terregles, 2 Mabie, 3 Hills Tower, 4 Drumcoultran, 5 Corrie, 6 Kings Mount of Urr, all Dependen on the Castle of Terregles."
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Creator :
John McCormick
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Dimensions :
length 33mm, width 40.5mm
Materials :
pencil, paper
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Dumfries & Galloway Council
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