Duelling pistols

A pair of duelling pistols made by James Haugh of Dumfries, 1780 = 1800. The pistols are of fine quality and exhibit many of the latest innovations of the period, including a narrow "v" shaped rainproof pan, rounded butt and a short French style cock with safety bolt. They have engraved gold and silver inlays, including a bird motif on the trigger guard, and a pineapple on the underside. The guns have a browned barrel and a blued spring.   These guns were stolen from Dumfries Museum in 1990, but recovered when they were offered for auction in Brighton four years later. The guns had been altered during this period. Finger grips had been added to the trigger guards and a silver escuteon with the motto of the Kennedy family of Ailsa had been inserted on the walnut stock of each. They were presented for auction in a case with new accessories, including different ramrods. The original silver ramrods were found in the base of the box.   James Haugh was born during the 1750s and died in 1811. There is a record of him being admitted as a burgess in the town of Dumfries in August 1783 and he appears in Class II the Stent Roll in the same year. By 1807 he had moved up into the VIth class, a prosperous member of the community. In Police Assessments of 1811 he is recorded as paying £19, but he does not appear again, although a Mrs James Haugh is recorded for the next three years.
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Creator :
James Haugh
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Dimensions :
L 405mm
Materials :
wood, metal
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Dumfries & Galloway Council
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