Old Mortality, Dumfries. Photographic Views of Dumfries and Neighbourhood, Kings Arms Hotel

This sculpture of "Old Mortality and his pony" can be seen in the grounds of Dumfries Museum.  Old Mortality is a novel by Sir Walter Scott set in the period 1679-89 in south west Scotland.  The novel takes its title from the nickname of Robert Paterson (1715 - 1801), a Scottish stonemason, who late in life decided to travel around Scotland re-engraving the tombs of 17th century Covenanter martyrs.  The first chapter of the novel describes a meeting between him and the novel's fictitious narrator.   The sculpture represents Robert Paterson in the act of restoring the inscription on the tombstone of one of the martyrs.  The history of the figures is recorded on a mural tablet facing the spectator.    This sepia photograph is from an album presented to the Kings Arms Hotel by local businesses in Dumfries and Maxwelltown.  The businesses placed advertisements in the album.
Object no :
Creator :
A and T Hunter (Stationers, 142 High Street, Dumfries)
Place of Production :
Dimensions :
width 197mm, height 132mm
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