Woodrow's "Sufferings of the Church of Scotland"

"The History of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland", 1721.  This is the first printed account of the Wigtown Martyrs.  Woodrow had no doubt that the executions took place: "Upon the 11 of May, we meet with the barborous and wicked Execution of two excellent women near Wigtown.  History scarce affords a Parallel to this in all its Circumstances; and therefore I shall give it at the greater length - because the Advocates for the Cruelty of the Period, an our Jacobites, have the Impudence, some of them to deny, and others to extenuate this Matter of Fact, which can be fully evinced by many living witnesses." Woodrow's book is an extremely partisan account of the 'Killing Times'.  It remains, however, one of the most detailed histories of this period of Scottish history and contains a number of accounts from witnesses and participants or their families.  
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Mr Robert Woodrow Minister of the Gospel at Eastwood
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Edinburgh, James Watson Printer
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480mm x 320mm
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Dumfries & Galloway Council
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