Cap Badge, Galloway Rifle Volunteers (1)

A pressed brass badge showing the Scottish lion rampant on a centrally-placed shield, surmounted by the initials G.R.V. under a Queen's crown. The whole is surrounded by a wreath of thistles, and across the bottom of the badge is mounted a scroll inscribed ALBANICH (= Scottish).   The military cap badge was used to distinguish one military unit from another, and to create pride in the organisation, thus enhancing morale. The Rifle Volunteers were the predecessors of the present-day Territorial Army.   This first pattern was used from May 12, 1859 until the death of Queen Victoria in 1901, when it carried a King's crown and extra scroll for South Africa 1900-02. The Newton Stewart D Company was formed in 1860, disbanded 1908; its Headquarters were in Victoria Hall, then in Queen Street Hall.
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