When Wendy Grew Up: an afterthought. Foreword by Sydney Blow

This is a first edition of a booklet by Sir J M Barrie. It is bound with blue cloth, has gilt lettering on the spine and front, and is enclosed in a paper dust wrapper - pink with a circular illustration on the front.  Also present is a facsimile of J M Barrie's signature dedication dated 1908.   Barrie had no family of his own, but the children he knew became part of the Peter Pan story.  The character of Peter developed out of games and stories devised with the Llewelyn Davies boys, George, Jack, Peter, Michael and Nico.  Barrie first met the Llewelyn Davies family while walking with his St Bernard dog in Kensington Gardens.  He became a close family friend as the boys were growing up. Their parents died while the boys were still young and Barrie then adopted them.   The original Wendy was Margaret Henley, the daughter of a friend. She called Barrie "my friendy", but because she couldn't pronounce her "r's" this became "wendy", and so the name was invented.
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J M Barrie
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width 145mm, height 220mm
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Dumfries & Galloway Council

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