Flint axe, Dowalton Loch

Dowalton Loch, Mochrum
A complete polished flint axehead.   Flint axes are unusual in Scotland.  Only one flint axe is recorded from the Stewartry (Torrs) and is almost certainly from eastern England.  A numbr of flint axes have been found in Wigtownshire but most have an unpolished, flaked surface characteristic of Irish flint axeheads.  The Dowalton axe shown here probably came from eastern Britain and is a true exotic in the area.   This fine axe was given to Dr Selby in September 1892 by Miss Neil of Drumoddie.
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SMAH 081
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Dowalton Loch, Mochrum
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WIWMS 2004.6.1
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Dumfries & Galloway Council
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