Parade Helmet

This helmet is made of steel, embossed in the mid 16th century style of the French court with flowing acanthus scrolls, grotesques and naked figures. The demand by collectors for pieces of fine decorated armour in the middle of the 19th century far surpassed the supply. As a result a number of workshops began to specialise in producing suitable pieces. This helmet is probably the work of one of the greatest goldsmith designers of the 19th century; Antoine Vechte. This ‘forgery’ is so good that until recently it was thought that it was not only a 16th century helmet but that it had been made for Henri II of France! Coincidentally King Henri was killed after receiving an injury during a jousting tournament, when the tip of his opponents lance penetrated the visor of his helmet. His opponent was the Captain of his Scottish Guard, Sir Gabriel Montgomery.
Object no :
EAAM068a; EAAM068b; EAAM068c
Creator :
probably Antoine Vechte (c.1800-1868)
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East Ayrshire Council
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