Betrothal Scene tapestry

This is one of several tapestries collected by the 8th Lord Howard de Walden and now on display in the Keep at Dean Castle.   The Gothic tapestry depicting a Prince and his betrothed and attendant courtiers grouped around a Renaissance column surmounted by a figure symbolising Love. Behind a balcony filled with onlookers, mainly in shades of red and blue.   The notebooks of the late H.C. Marillier (Victoria & Albert Museum, Dept. Of Textiles) records this tapestry in Court & Romance Vol.11., p19 as lot 529 in the Somzee Sale, Paris, 1901. Marillier notes it as 'the wedding of a Prince - costumes of Philippe le Bel and maximillian' and it would seem probable that the tapestry does in fact depict some contemporary event although it has also been suggested that it might depict the Marriage of David and Bethsheba.  
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Dimensions :
4 x 4.57m
Materials :
wool, linen, silk
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East Ayrshire Council
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