Maximillian Style Complete Suit of Armour

This is a suit of battle armour. There is a  bracket on the right side of the breast plate to support a lance.  A 'stop' on the lance would catch on this bracket so that the lance would not be pushed back under the arm as it struck its target. This full set of armour consists of a close helmet, gorget (neck protector), cuirass (breast and back plates), thigh-defences (tassets), shoulder-defences (pauldrons), complete arms, mitten gauntlets and complete leg-defences (greaves).  The surface of the armour, except on the leg-defences, is fluted longitudinally.  This style of decoration is known as 'Maximillian' after the emperor who is said to have devised it.  Fluting the armour allowed it to be very light.
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Southern Germany
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H 1750 mm
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East Ayrshire Council
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