Boxed set of Apothecaries weights, County of Dumfries, c1880

Set of 20 small weights to measure up to 10 oz troy.  Each has a compartment within a wooden box lined with brown velvet.  13 are solid weights with peg handles.  1 is a flat sheet and 6 are pieces of wire (under a glass panel).  The tweezers are missing from the set.  Set number "1192".  Verification stamps are present on the 14 largest weights.   Engraving on box lid: 'APOTHECARIES WEIGHTS / LOCAL STANDARDS OF / COUNTY OF DUMFRIES / 1880 / DEGRAVE SHORT & Co / LONDON'
Object no :
Creator :
De Grave Short and Company
Place of Production :
Dimensions :
(box) height 73mm, width 221mm, depth 135mm
Materials :
wood, brass
Location :
Related site :
Accession number :
Copyright :
Dumfries & Galloway Council
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